Casper Oliver

"Hello, My Sluethin' Sweethearts!"
Queer Multi-Medium Entertainer
AroAce-spec. Polyam. Genderqueer (they/them)
Podcaster, Actor, Writer
TTRPG Homebrew Content Creator
Mystery Fiction/Whodunnit Enthusiast

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Current Resume

Thesperience Productions
Founder, actor, writer, director,
podcast host, editor, producer,
& social media manager

Jar of Rebuke
Voice Actor: Dr. Jared Hel
Writer, Director, Producer, & More

Nexilis Games
Welcome to Nexilis - DM
Nexilis: Lotus House - Co-DM
Another Morning in Aelmere - Oscar O'Malley
Nexilis: Clocked In - DM

The Soft-Boiled Detective
Voice Actor: Marz Starbird & misc roles

The Queer Thesperience
Podcast host & editor

Georgie Romero is Done For
Voice Actor: Jamie Ripley

The Murder Mystery Company
Immersion entertainer
13 scripts learned, 29 characters played
150+ total performances

Finley and The Chaos Crew
Voice Actor: Joan, intro, & end credits

Hello From The Hallowoods
Voice Actor: Laurence Abbot

Miscellaneous TTRPG Guest Appearances
Be Gay, Do Crimes!
Guest Player: Bob Da'Bing, Borris Reed, & Abcde Zyx
Guest DM: (11/21/21)

Call of Cthulhu: When the Clock Strikes 12
Charity Stream Player: Antoni Laurent

Terf Wars: Streaming For Trans Equality (Stonewall Community Foundation Charity TTRPG Stream Series)
Charity Stream DM (11/14/21)
Charity Stream Player: (11/17/21)

Miscellaneous Experience
Murder mystery party performer
Stage performer
Convention panelist
Scare actor
Costume design
Script writing
Stage manager
Social media manager