Casper Oliver

He/they pronouns
Artist • Activist • Entertainer
Who I Am:
Hello & howdy! My name is Casper Oliver.
I am a queer, disabled artist who loves nature and to create artwork for others to enjoy.
What I Do
My primary trades are script writing, voice acting, immersion entertainment, stage performances, murder mystery parties, and film acting!
My activism typically stems from my creative works. Whether it's making representation, amplifying and supporting marginalized creatives, or doing charity shows to raise money for charities, I definitely want to spend my time helping make the world a better place.You can find all of my casting credits on my RESUME page!


Here's a breakdown of my previous jobs & projects, showcasing my skills and achievements.

Thesperience ProductionsFounder, Co-Head, Content CreatorPresent
Broadway Murder MysteriesMurder Mystery ActorPresent
Jar of RebukeWriter, director, producer, voice of Dr. Jared HelSeason 2 in production
Nexilis GamesDungeon Master & PlayerPresent
Gayming It Up!Video game streamerPresent
The Soft-Boiled DetectiveVoice of: Marz Starbird, Jerry Wilson, and morePresent
The Queer ThesperienceInterview host, audio editor, producerSeason 2 in production
Conundrum HouseEvent actor & marketing team memberPresent
Hello From The HallowoodsVoice of: Laurence Abbott2021 - 2022
Georgie Romero is Done ForVoice of: Jamie Ripley2021
Be Gay, Do Crime!Multi-Time Guest Player: Bob Da'bing2020 - 2022
TERF Wars: TTRPG SeriesGuest Dungeon Master & Player2021
Finley & The Chaos CrewVoice of Joan, end credits, & intro2022
Randomly Generated Adventures: TTRPG StreamGuest Player: Abcde Xyz, Borris Reed2021 - 2022
When The Clock Strikes 12: TTRPG StreamPlayer: Antoni Laurent2020
HorrorHound WeekendFormer Convention Staff. Guest assistant, security, social media2011 - 2019
The Murder Mystery CompanyDirector & Live Immersion Entertainer. Director of the Month: Sept 20192019 - 2022. 150+ Total Performances (30+ roles, 15+ scripts)
An Act of the ImaginationBrenda Simmons2017


For business inquiries, guest spots, or for affiliations, email me![email protected]


Here are my primary social media pages:

How To support:

Most of my content is free to enjoy online, but there's still plenty of ways that you can help support my projects! While also helping me pay rent. <3

Supporting Thesperience Productions - If you'd like to support the queer-led indie production team, then here's how to do so!

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